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Calling all Cookie Rookies

If girls are new to the Cookie Program, this fun, 10-minute video is just what they need to understand the basics.

Girls will learn:

·         How the sale works

·         Cookie names

·         Easy ways to ask a customer to buy

·         Cookie booth essentials

·         Safety rules

·         How to set a goal

Run this 10-minute program and discuss it afterward—or stop after each section for discussion or activities. It’s up to you and the girls!

See a summary of the show and activity ideas that reinforce the learning in the run of show document. Help girls get the most of the video with easy, fun learning tips and get a scene-by-scene summary.

Make it a banner year in booth sales


Looking for an easy way to kick up sales at booths? This adorable Trefoil paper chain is simple to make and easy for girls to customize. Girls can use it to decorate their booth or have customers sign a Trefoil when they donate cookies to Gift of Caring. It’ll also remind customers of a Girl Scout favorite, the Trefoil cookie!

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Help Girls Create a Recipe for Success


In addition to being a lot of fun, the Girl Scout Cookie Wonderland video will help girls create a practical plan for achieving their goals this Cookie Season. During the show, girls are invited to create a Recipe for Success—a step-by-step business plan for a great Cookie Season.

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Make sales sing

Need help selling One More Box? These Girl Scouts in Dallas came up with a great cookie song they perform at booth sales.

Girls also love the Samoas Shout song and dance featured in the National Girl Scout Cookie Sleepover.

Encourage girls to perform one or both of these high-energy songs at booth sales. Or they could make up their own!  It’s a musical way to get girls and customers excited about Cookie Season.

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